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Once Upon A December [MCR Frankie/Gerard NC-17 Standalone]

Title: Once Upon A December
Author: silver_etoile 
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Frank/Gerard (MCR)
Disclaimer: I only own the ticket that Frankie signed for me... Everything else is false.
Summary: Gerard likes to keep his secrets, but it's hard to when his bandmates don't know how to knock!
A/N: ... I don't know what got into me. Wait, no, it was my friend demanding I write MCR slash. Go easy. I've never done it before. *hides* :)


Gerard has a secret. That no one knows. Not even Mikey. No, not even his best friend and brother knows that Gerard has a secret. Well, he knows he has secrets, but he certainly doesn’t know this one.


Gerard keeps his secret guarded as far away from prying eyes as possible. He would be teased mercilessly by his band members and would never live it down. Ever. If his secret was revealed, he would be placed on the same level as Brendon Urie and Gerard shudders to imagine it. But it’s completely different. It’s not even the same company.


He doesn’t expect that anyone will ever find out his secret since he keeps it carefully, bound tightly to his mind and never lets it slip in conversation. He maintains that his favorite movie is any kind of horror film where the girl dies tragically with plenty of blood drenching the screen.


He sits for hours with Mikey and Frank watching Dawn of the Dead and The Ring and every other horror movie they can get their hands on. He ignores Bob’s rolling eyes and shaking head when they pop in the fifth movie of the night and get a new bowl of popcorn.


Gerard loves horror movies, this is true. But they’re not his favorite movie ever. He’ll never admit it, and will certainly never tell anyone, but… his favorite movie isn’t exactly rated R.


In fact, it’s rated PG. Yes, he knows. What a wimp, right? Brendon Urie watches PG-rated movies like they’re God and he is their worshipper. Disney has made a hefty chunk of money off Brendon Urie. Gerard would never let that happen.


No. Instead, it’s Fox that’s making all its money off of Gerard Way. That’s right. His all-time favorite movie, that he could watch over and over and over again, happens to be Anastasia. Yes, the animated, princess-from-Russia story that came out in the 90s and his father forced them to go to get them out of the house. Gerard knows he should hate the movie because of what it represents to him, but he doesn’t. He loves the movie.


Maybe it’s the songs. Or maybe it’s the animation. He doesn’t know. But he likes it. A lot.


He’s never told anyone this and he never intends to. It can stay a secret until he dies for all he cares. No one needs to know.


Unfortunately for Gerard, his band members are some of the nosiest people he knows. Okay, not nosey, they really need to learn how to knock.


Gerard’s watching his favorite movie on his laptop in the back of the tour bus (because Mikey and Ray are watching some weird documentary on the real TV) and he’s just to the part where the Romanov’s are running from the palace when Frankie bursts into the bunks unannounced.


“Shit!” Gerard curses, hurrying to turn off the movie before Frank can poke his head inside the bunk.


“Hey, Gee, what’s going on?” Frank asks as he leans down, peering into Gerard’s bunk. Gerard wonders why they can’t stay in hotels instead of the shitty tour bus. Then he wouldn’t feel like a teenager caught jerking off over a dirty magazine when Frank looks at him like that.


“Nothing,” he snaps instead, shutting his laptop.


Frank raises an eyebrow and pushes Gerard over as he stuffs himself into the bunk.


Against Gerard’s protests, he takes the computer from him and opens it up.


“What were you watching? I heard singing.”


“It’s nothing,” Gerard says again, grabbing for the laptop, but Frankie’s got it out of reach. “Frankie, give it back.”


“Were you working on a song?” Frank asks, opening the little window that brings up the video, on pause. He frowns for a second, looking curious as he presses play.


Anastasia!” the laptop yells and Frank suppresses a laugh as Gerard snatches the computer back.


“Dude, animated Disney movies?”


“It’s not Disney,” Gerard mutters, glowering darkly at the computer screen.


Frank laughs. “Fuck, Gee. You’re watching this shit?”


Gerard doesn’t answer, glaring at the mattress.


Frank pauses. “Do you like this shit?”


“What? No, of course not,” Gerard insists. “It’s just the only DVD that’s on the computer. You know how I lost all my shit last time it died.”


Frank nods slowly. “Right. You know we have real DVDs in the living room.”


“Well, Mikey and Ray are watching some weird PBS special or something.”


Frankie scoots closer, pressing the play button on the computer and watching the movie for a minute.


Gerard is quiet, praying to whatever God that’s listening that Frank will keep this quiet. He doesn’t want Mikey finding out that his older brother watches prissy animated movies about princesses and finding true love.


“This isn’t bad,” Frankie says after a minute.


Gerard stares at him. “Are you fucking crazy?”


He shrugs. “Well, it’s no The Birds, but it’s got a certain quality to it.”


“You don’t have to humor me,” Gerard grumbles. “I can take it, you know.”


“I’m not.” Frankie shrugs. “It’s nice.”


Gerard rolls his eyes and reaches to turn off the movie but Frank makes a noise and pulls the laptop away.


“Hey,” Gerard says, a little angry. “Let me turn it off.”


“But I want to watch it.”


Gerard just stares at him. This can’t be happening. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”


“Nothing. I want to see the end.”


So Gerard sighs and hopes that no one else barges in and discovers them within the next hour and half of the movie.


He and Frankie settle in on his tiny bed, hidden in the shadows, to watch the rest. Frankie’s leaning against Gerard and the laptop is set out in front of them. Frankie talks occasionally during the movie, but Gerard doesn’t really mind as long as he’s not loud enough for anyone else to hear and come in.


They watch the whole movie from beginning to end, and by the time it’s over, Frankie’s practically slid down into Gerard’s lap, his head resting on his thigh. Gerard’s leaning back against the cold metal of the tour bus, his eyes half closed as he listens to the last song play and the credits roll.


Frankie stirs slightly, laying a hand on Gerard’s thigh. “That was good,” he murmurs softly.


Gerard makes a noncommittal noise, his eyes closing completely and listening to the soft music from the computer screen.


“Do you watch it a lot?”


Gerard’s eyes open. “No,” he lies immediately.


Frankie pushes himself up and Gerard silently misses the loss of warmth from his leg. Frankie’s looking at Gerard, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips.


“You’re lying.”


Gerard scoffs and looks away. “Am not.”


“You are,” Frankie says, nodding. “I can tell. You always look away when you are.”


Gerard looks back and glares. “I am not fucking lying.”


Frankie’s eyebrow goes up. “Then why are you watching it?”


“I already fucking told you, Frankie!” Gerard exclaims, pushing away from the wall and glaring at Frank. “It’s the only thing I’ve got on my lapt—”


Gerard is interrupted and surprised, when Frankie moves forward, pressing a swift and lingering kiss to his lips. Gerard stills as he feels Frankie’s warm lips against his own. Frankie’s body is inclined forward and his eyes are closed.


When he pulls away, Gerard is left speechless. Or, well, nearly speechless.


“What the fuck was that for?” he demands, staring at Frankie.


“You’re cute.”


Gerard splutters, in a completely dignified manner, mind you. “Cute?” he repeats, disgusted. “I am not fucking cute.”


Frankie smiles and ruffles Gerard’s hair, not even reacting when Gerard shoves it away and glares at him. “Yes, you are,” he murmurs instead, leaning forward and pulling Gerard’s lips to his for a harder kiss this time.


It’s a mess of lips and tongues as Gerard responds, pushing Frankie backwards onto his back and climbing over him. Frankie’s hands move to Gerard’s shoulder, pushing his black jacket over his shoulders.


The kiss is hard and their mouths meld together, teeth, lips, tongue sliding against one another. Gerard’s teeth pull at Frankie’s lip ring, hearing the quiet groan that echoes from Frankie’s throat. Frankie’s hand is tight in Gerard’s hair, holding him close as their bodies rub against each other.


It’s hurried, and before either knows what’s happening, their clothes are gone, tossed haphazardly on the floor of the moving bus to be tripped over later.


Gerard’s hips dig into Frankie’s, drawing a low moan from him and forcing his hips upward. A flash of heat races through Frankie’s body at the contact and he bites his lower lip, letting out a short breath as he looks up at Gerard.


Gerard looks concentrated, his hips grinding against Frankie’s. He catches Frankie looking at him and dips down, tracing his tongue along Frankie’s collar bone, all the way down his chest to his nipple.


Frankie gasps as Gerard catches the nub in between his teeth and slides his hot tongue all around the sensitive patch of skin.


Frankie’s breaths are loud in Gerard’s ears and he likes them. His hands move down Frankie’s sides, slipping down the smooth skin to grasp his hips and pull them flush against his own. A flash of heat covers his body at the movement and he can’t help but gasp unexpectedly.


“God, Gee,” Frankie moans, his hand in Gerard’s messy hair and his hips rocking continuously upward.


Gerard pauses, glancing up at Frankie, whose skin is flushed and his eyes are bright as he stares back. Their hips are pressed together and they’re both painfully hard now.  Frankie’s leg has wrapped around Gerard’s, rubbing their pelvises together.


“Frankie,” Gerard says as he slides down, sadly losing the connection of their hips as his mouth presses hot kisses to Frankie’s body the further down he goes. “About what you saw earlier.”


Frank gives a sort of half groan as a response, shifting under Gerard’s fingertips that ghost over his skin.


“You won’t ever tell anyone, will you?” Gerard coaches, biting Frankie’s inner thigh and letting his tongue fall over the soft flesh.


Frankie’s making incoherent noises but Gerard thinks he catches the words, “No, never, just please, fuck, don’t stop.”


Gerard reaches under his pillow for a tube of lube that he always keeps handy and condom, shifting down and pressing it over his cock without waiting for Frankie to agree. He’s already agreed.


He shifts back up, his hand sliding up Frank’s hard cock and giving it a few short strokes to bring it to full attention. Frankie’s moaning underneath him already, but it’s quiet and Gerard is glad. He doesn’t need Ray or Mikey or Bob to come back and see what’s happening.


Frankie’s legs are pushed back and Gerard is leaning over him, not even asking before he slides a finger inside Frankie.


Frankie gasps and his head falls back. “Fuck!” His fingers are tight around Gerard’s forearms, bound to bruise later on.


Another finger joins the first and Frank’s twisting beneath Gerard, trying to move the fingers deeper within his body. Gerard gives a half smirk and crooks his fingers, pushing through the tight muscles.


The fingers are gone seconds later, though, and Frankie’s legs are up over Gerard’s shoulders as Gerard presses his cock through the thick ring of muscles deep inside Frank.


Frank’s breaths are short and he closes his eyes as Gerard pushes in. He can feel the hard length filling his body and flashes of heat run up his spine as Gerard shifts. It hurts a little, but he doesn’t care.


Gerard pauses a second to catch his breath once fully inside. He watches Frankie’s face for a moment, seeing the flush across his cheeks, the redness of his lips from their kisses earlier. Instead of moving, Gerard leans forward, kissing Frankie quickly. He can feel the heat of his cheeks against his mouth as he moves, biting Frankie’s jaw, pleased when it’s tilted back for better access.


“Fuck, Frankie,” Gerard breathes as he shifts, his cock pressing in deeper.


Frank’s hands are on Gerard’s back, running over the smooth muscles as he begins to move.


It’s fast and quick, hot and hurried as Gerard thrusts into Frankie. It’s a rustle of bed sheets, the sounds of quiet moans, slapping skin, gasped words. The heat is spreading down their bodies with each movement and Frankie bites his lip to keep from crying out too loudly.


Gerard’s hand is on Frankie’s cock, stroking with his thrusts, though it’s getting harder to focus on keep his grip as his mind slips and his hips move faster, pounding into Frankie and forgetting why they started this in the first place.


Frankie’s gasping and holding tightly to Gerard as he moves inside. His legs are falling from his shoulders and the bus feels like it’s rocking, although it’s probably just the road.


“G-Gee,” he gasps as his stomach tightens and he feels Gerard’s hand slide down his cock again. Then he’s coming and he loses all grasp as his head falls back and his hips jerk upward, unable to control their movements.


Gerard keeps moving, thrusting hard and he can feel the warmth pooling in his stomach, warning him only seconds before he comes hard within Frankie. He thrusts recklessly through his climax until letting out a sharp breath and slowly slumping downward.


Frankie shifts sideways so Gerard has some room on the tiny bed and they lay together for a second, each staring at the dark underneath of Mikey’s bed above. The television from the living area is still on and they can hear muffled British voices through the wall.


Frankie doesn’t say anything for a minute until he hears Gerard shift. He glances over at Gerard on the tiny bed. “So you watch it a lot?” A mischievous grin creeps onto his face and Gerard glares.


Gerard rolls over suddenly, pinning Frankie to the bed. “If you ever fucking tell anyone, Frank Iero,” he growls. “I will cut off your balls and feed them to the fangirls.”


Frank just smiles. “I thought you might want to keep them for yourself.”


Gerard glares. “Fuck off.”


Frankie grins, pulling Gerard down for a kiss. Gerard tries to pull away unsuccessfully and eventually gives in to Frank’s persistent lips.


Frankie finally lets him go, grinning as Gerard lies back down on the bed. “And anyway, I still think it’s cute.”


Mikey and Ray are out in the living room and glance up as they hear a thud of someone falling onto the floor and Frank’s exclamation of pain. They exchange a glance.


“What do you think’s going on in there?” Ray asks, gazing at the closed door to the bunks.


Mikey shrugs and turns up the volume louder on the TV. “Gee’s probably watching his favorite secret movie again.”


“You mean Anastasia?”


Mikey nods and settles in to watch the rest of the documentary. Ray shrugs and turns back.


“It is a good movie.”


Bob just shakes his head from the arm chair and tells Mikey to turn up the TV once again.



A/N: So... how was it? :)



Tags: fanfiction, mcr, slash
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